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There's a joke in the printing industry that "PRINT" is not a four-letter word! There's a lot to know and printing terms can seem like a foreign language. We're here to help. Our Frequently Asked Questions are divided into three categories: Print, Creative Management, and Direct Mail. 

Print FAQ covers both offset and digital printing, as well as questions related to getting files ready for print (prepress) and the printing process. 

Creative Management FAQ has answers on graphic design, photography, and brand & web development. 

Direct Mail FAQ covers all things related to designing, printing, and preparing direct mail pieces using variable data software. 

Have a question that we haven't addressed? Send us your question on the Contact form or call us at (262) 728-4231. Or ask your Central Printing & Media Solutions sales rep. Working together, we can answer your questions and give you the service and support you deserve.