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What Should I Know About Digital Print? 

Digital Print is Fast

  • Up to 80 impressions a minute
  • Little setup time-super fast turnaround time
  • Output is printed on both sides, dry and ready for any bindery work

Digital Print Makes Colors Pop

Colors are bright and brilliant. Images are crisp, and pop right off the page. 

Digital Print is Economical

More cost effective on short runs

Digital Print Works with Variable Data

Variable data printing lets you personalize your direct mail to improve response rates. We can take your mailing database and create personalized printed communications, using names, addresses, titles, customized body copy, phone numbers, graphics, and even tables or charts! 

Meet Ralph: Our Xerox XC800 Digital Printing Whiz Kid

What can Ralph do for you?

  • Provide high definition image quality
  • Produce fast output
  • Produce vibrant, brilliant colors
  • Flexible with stocks, set-up, and colors
  • Print using Clear Dry Ink—Ralph is among only three XC800 presses in Wisconsin that can offer Clear Dry Ink
  • Print on textured stock, which is unlike most other digital color presses
  • Use his fusing technology to coat and laminate his print output

Large print size and high speed printing

The Xerox 800 has advanced feed capabilities which allows print on sheets as small as 7.2" and as large as 13" x 19.2" (with maximum print area of 12.83" x 19.05"). High capacity sheet feeders and high speed printing make even high quantity jobs a snap, bringing jobs that could previously only be printed offset to the more economical and flexible digital press. Precision paper registration, an outstanding 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution and state-of-the-art digital halftone screens provide unmatched digital quality.

Digital Versatility and Flexibility

The Xerox 800 can print on a larger variety of stock than previously used on digital presses. We can print on coated and uncoated stock as well as specialty stocks such as sheet magnets, adhesive stickers and polyester stocks. A greater range of stocks on the Xerox 800 provides the ability to print smaller quantities more cost effectively which minimizes the need for storage of large print runs and making out of date materials a thing of the past.

Clear dry ink will make your message really stand out

Clients can differentiate their pieces on our new equipment with the latest in Clear dry ink technology. Clear dry ink will apply a clear varnish effect to specific areas of a printed piece or flood the entire sheet. Clear Dry ink can be used with gray and gold tones to simulate a pearlescent or metallic appearance. This technology offers image variety and makes images pop off the page, draws attention to headlines, highlights photos, creates watermarks and more.

When to chose Ralph

  • When you want great a printed piece with outstanding brilliant color
  • When you want your piece to pop by using Ralph’s Clear Dry Ink option
  • When you need it printed and out the door fast
  • When you are running smaller quantities or need a small amount of a larger run ahead of time
  • When you are using variable data