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Finishing Your Print Project in the Bindery Department

What happens when your printing job comes off the press? It moves to our Bindery, (also known as Finishing), Department. Unlike many printing companies, we offer complete in-house finishing for print projects. Folding, stock and custom-die cutting, scoring, saddlestitching, padding, drilling, gluing, numbering, and cutting are all done right here to save you time and money. Here are just a few things you might want to know about this important last step in the life of your printing job:

Drying Time

The inks used in offset printing have to dry before your job can be packaged and shipped out. Drying time varies depending on the paper and ink used, and any special finishes you have like varnish or UV coating. Blue ink dries much more slowly than other colors, and the different shades of blue dry at different rates.

The paper you choose can also afffect the drying time. Shipping a job before it's dry means quality suffers—so our finishing team makes sure that your print job is thoroughly dry before we send it to the packaging department. We help you remember to account for extra lead time if you have a special slow-drying paper or ink. That's just the kind of full-service you expect from your full-service print provider. 


You can tell a quality print job by the quality of the fold. We take extra steps to ensure a quality result. Depending on the paper you choose, a standard folding machine may cause the paper to crack. We'll stop the job and run the paper through another machine first to score the fold, and then re-run it through the folding machine so it folds perfectly. We pay attention to every detail so it looks perfect every time.

Custom Projects

If it can be folded, we can do it. We enjoy the challenging custom jobs that other printing houses turn down. One of our clients asked us to fold a 40" x 28" flat instruction sheet down to a 3" x 5" rectangle so it could be inserted into a pastic bag and placed inside a 5-gallon pail of liquid roof coating. We said, "Sure, we can do that." And we did! Thousands and thousands of them. Each one folded perfectly. 

Quality is who we are. Let us help you from start to finish with your next print project. Call (262) 728-4231.